Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things I'm obsessed with right now

I have a few pieces of animal rings at the moment but I'm lovin' these! too friggin  cute!

This manicure was done my Sophy Robson, she's a kick ass manicurist who's refreshingly FUN and non predictable! Check her out on YouTube or her blog at

I don't really wear big chunky jewelry but, these are fabulous! Melody Ehsani makes these & much more. You must go check out her blog and store online! She is really popular right now and makes a lot of pieces for celebs! Her stuff is super affordable too =)

This is Chanel's summer nail polish in Mimosa, it's really bright and yellow, perfect for the beach! I'm gonna go check out Sally's to see if China Glaze has a dupe for this color! I don't wanna spend $20+ on a "fun" color that's not wearable through the year. I can appreciate the trend though!

For the peeps that know me, know that I have a sick  obsession with Hello Kitty, but this is Tokidoki-yes, another Japenese cousin to Hello Kitty, but much more raunchier-and less kiddie.Reminds me of Fafi I saw this makeup bag in Sephora the other day but, didn't buy it-now i'm kicking myself for not getting it. Love the bright colors and playfulness of the bag!

My last but not least summer obsession is the VJAZZLE! Yes, ladies-it's Swarkovski crystal tatoos aka stickers that you can put on your freshly brazilian waxed lady part =) LOL

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