Sunday, April 24, 2011

NARS Multiple Stick in Lamu

I LOVE NARS and have lots of products that they sell, but possibly this is one I should have left at the counter for $39 bucks? I want Orgasm to work on my skin tone so bad, but it's a bit too light for me. I even have Super Orgasm blush and the original Orgasm blush, but nothing-still too light! SOOO when I went to try the Multiple stick in Orgasm it was again too light. The sales girl tried this one me in LAMU & it was cute. I wanted to use it as a highlighter on top my cheek bones, but when I looked in the mirror in the car it was full of glittery flecks! Yes I could see them at the counter, but they were way more intense in the car, EKK! I kept it because I'm a sucker for NARS and figured I'd find some use for it. I've been using it on my lips on top lipgloss-it makes a nice topper and I use it as a highlighter when I go out at night.
Go check out the story behind how the multiple was born, really cool!

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