Thursday, June 23, 2011

PHAT lips! 

I'm a sucker for lip gloss, all kinds, prices & colors! It's sick-really.
I ran across Sally Hansen Lip Inflation X at the drugstore. It was 9$, which was super affordable for lip gloss. I was actually lovin' the gold shiney tube it came in, I use it has a mirror. I got clear, but it comes in pink, & nude. Its supposed to plump your lips to Angelina Jolie status, but I think it misses the mark on that, lol. It def. has a spicy-cinnamon flavor to it that does plump minimally. It may be nice for some peps that can't handle full on major plumpness like 'Lip Venom' from Sephora, it's like training wheels for lip venom, lol. I'm actually impressed with this one & will buy again  you can see in the pic that my lips are reddened, but rosy. It gets the blood to them fast & plumps them up for a few min. It's not sticky at all either.

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