Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Olay Pro X VS. Clairsonic PLUS *pic heavy*

I've been eyeing the Clairsonic for about a yr. and finally broke down and bought it recently on QVC because they were having a great deal on it-i'll explain that later. I have been using the Olay Pro X for about 4/5 months after bloggers were raving over it. Both hand held manual exfoliation devices are in essence similar but do it totally different with one being better than the other. Let me quickly explain the need for exfoliation. It is so important to get rid of all the dead flaky skin so that your moisturizer & any other treatment products you use can get through to the Epidermis of the skin (top layer) and your makeup will last ALOT longer because it's not laying on dead flaky skin. Retinoids and skin scrubs are great at chemically getting rid of dry skin, but you should also do a manual exfoliation too. When people use to tell me that they were having issues with their foundation not lasting-this was usually the problem. Nothing bought in the store can penetrate to the Dermis of the skin which is beyond the 4/5 layers of the Epidermis-so don't be fooled with "miracle creams or tools" that say that they can. Ok, with all that said let's review =)

There are a few different models of the Clairsonic, but they all do the same thing. Some just have more speed control than others. The Mia is a pretty popular one, but that one only has 2 speeds and I wanted more choices. The Clairsonic PLUS has 3 speeds and it's the only one that allows for a bigger body brush to attach to it too. The Clairsonic PRO is sold usually in salons and its the most expensive one because it has 4 speed control. I was torn between the two, but QVC didn't offer that one so I choose the PLUS.
The Olay Pro X only has 1 model and only comes with 1 head choice. It has 2 speeds but, the fastest speed is not super fast. You can buy replacement heads for the Olay too.

Price wise between the PRO X and the Clairsonic is a huge difference. The Olay Pro X is around $30 and comes with 1 skin cleanser. The Clairsonic is $199-250. See why I was OK, so why I decided to buy it now is because QVC is offering all their Clairsonics on a 3 payment plan deal and you get the Clairsonic now and it automatically comes out of your checking acct. every month for 3 months. My payment is $75 a month and in the months I'm on the plan I can return no questions asked! Couldn't pass that up! =) Plus it comes with a ton of skincare products-none really that I'll use because I already found THE BEST cleanser that totally changed my skin LHA SkinCeuticals -clickHERE for the review I did on it.

The Olay Pro X brush head moves in a circular motion around which is fine at  removing debris and makeup but the Clairsonic is so special because the it uses a sonic oscillating system, Olay's is a rotating one so this feels completely different on your face. The Clarisonic's oscillation is a patented system that allows for 300 movements per second! It feels a lot different than a rotating brush-

  1. The Clarisonic models come with a charging dock that is magnetically charged so no batteries needed! The Olay Pro X needs AA batteries.
  2. The Clarisonic is waterproof. Olay Pro X is not even though I left it in my shower, but not under direct water, it was fine.
  3. The Clarisonic has an automatic timer and beeps to remind you to move the brush all over your face so you don't overwork one part of your face. It beeps at 10 seconds, then you move on to the next spot-
  4. The Clairsonic comes with caps for the brush head which is nice the Olay did not.
  5. The size of the Olay is a bit nicer because it's smaller than the Clairsonic which makes it easier in the shower to use.
*I'm happy I bought the Clairsonic because it's an investment in my skin for a long time. With all the makeup and skin care products that I buy this will really help with keeping my face fresh. Overall it's just a better product than the Olay Pro X BUT if you can only afford the Olay get that one because it's better than not having a good way to manually exfoliate*

size difference


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Manicure Necessities!

Whenever I give myself a home mani I always use these 2 products-they make my manicure last so much longer!
I use the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover to get off all the icky cuticle that make polishing a pain. This stuff is AMAZING! You put it on for 15 seconds then use a cuticle stick or orange wood stick to gently push back old cuticle. You can see from my picture that it really gets off the old stuff! You can buy it at any drugstore for a few dollars-well worth it!
The next item I'm never without is Hoofer's Choice Top Coat. I discovered this when I got a manicure at a nail shop and my polish dried so fast and left a super shiny top coat! I bought it at Sally's for around $5.00. I really like the long brush applicator it has too. This top coat is better than Out The Door or Poshe' in my opinion-ck. it out!

Basketball Wives inspired earrings

Im LOVING these earrings I got today! They were inspired by the reality show Basketball Wives-they wear these big hoop earrings with charms and disco-like balls on them-they're so cute! The hoops come in all sizes-these are 3 inches I think, which is big enough! I got these from an seller at They were only $24 & only took 2 days to ship! I'll probably order another pair!