Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New nails 

I was at home experimenting & I tried this combo out-I used my Liquid Palisade by Kiesque to do the half moon shape, Opi Teenage Dream & Milani La Vie En Rose I got from CVS.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer bag 

I got this cute purse with Coral/Vintage green & navy and white stripes! It's really mismatch, but in a good way, and the strap is long to wear messenger style 
It was only $32 from Francesca's collection in Lakeside Mall.

Sam Edelman 

I will totally kick ur ass in these shoes! Ha! LoL
These are my new Sam Edelman Exie shoes I just got. They come in blk., nude, and white. Sooo cute for Summer!

Cool Reverse French from Liquid Palisade

I'm soo excited to FINALLY get in my Liquid Palisade by Kiesque!! Sooo what it is, is a purply liquid that u apply to the your nail cuticles if u don't want to get any nail polish on them while polishing & it peels off like elmer's glue OR you can do a Reverse French Manicure like I did here or cute nail art!
It was 20$ and I ordered it from I did a quickie reverse French here to experiment with

Thursday, June 23, 2011

PHAT lips! 

I'm a sucker for lip gloss, all kinds, prices & colors! It's sick-really.
I ran across Sally Hansen Lip Inflation X at the drugstore. It was 9$, which was super affordable for lip gloss. I was actually lovin' the gold shiney tube it came in, I use it has a mirror. I got clear, but it comes in pink, & nude. Its supposed to plump your lips to Angelina Jolie status, but I think it misses the mark on that, lol. It def. has a spicy-cinnamon flavor to it that does plump minimally. It may be nice for some peps that can't handle full on major plumpness like 'Lip Venom' from Sephora, it's like training wheels for lip venom, lol. I'm actually impressed with this one & will buy again  you can see in the pic that my lips are reddened, but rosy. It gets the blood to them fast & plumps them up for a few min. It's not sticky at all either.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Decoden, what's that??

Nail art is soo popular right now, it's actually called Decoden which is the art of decorating with gems, glitter, and hard pieces, which originated in Japan. Decorating nails with decoden pieces is popular as well as decorating cell phones, compact mirrors, handheld game consoles, mp3 players, etc - the list goes on and on! Its starting to catch on here in New Orleans, but it's super popular in Houston,TX. Here are some cute pictures of my favorite nails!
cute mirror! looks like my iphone case!
These are sooo cute! I love fun girly nail decos I got from Sally's
I did this really quick in the car, it came out super cute & it's really easy to apply! They come in all kinds of colors & even large ones for your toes too! They were only $3.99
I have a few of these, but these are fun & have strawberries & hearts in the pack! This pack was $5.99 & you need to use a good sticky base coat underneath it too, they sell one for these specifically. I blogged about it in past blogs, ck it out!
*sorry the pictures are blurry/small, idk what the deal is with the blog right now? it's being weird*

My go to lippie at the moment :)

Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine, is soo creamy & smooth. It's not too thick & the packaging is slim enough to fit in my pocket for work! The color I got is 'Boy' it's the most popular color choice in the collection, obviously because it's a pretty sheer pink that looks good on most skin tones-

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summery Starfish Bobby Pin!

Love my new starfish Bobby pin! So ready for Summah'!
I got it from the Etsy store
Really Super FAST shipping too!