Monday, June 20, 2011

Decoden, what's that??

Nail art is soo popular right now, it's actually called Decoden which is the art of decorating with gems, glitter, and hard pieces, which originated in Japan. Decorating nails with decoden pieces is popular as well as decorating cell phones, compact mirrors, handheld game consoles, mp3 players, etc - the list goes on and on! Its starting to catch on here in New Orleans, but it's super popular in Houston,TX. Here are some cute pictures of my favorite nails!
cute mirror! looks like my iphone case!
These are sooo cute! I love fun girly nail decos I got from Sally's
I did this really quick in the car, it came out super cute & it's really easy to apply! They come in all kinds of colors & even large ones for your toes too! They were only $3.99
I have a few of these, but these are fun & have strawberries & hearts in the pack! This pack was $5.99 & you need to use a good sticky base coat underneath it too, they sell one for these specifically. I blogged about it in past blogs, ck it out!
*sorry the pictures are blurry/small, idk what the deal is with the blog right now? it's being weird*

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