Friday, April 1, 2011


I've been on a little hiatus from blogging, but not collecting and reviewing! lol
I had to take my state board RN test & get situated working my new schedule. Thanks for all the new followers and people that come and scope out my blog on the regular!! I can't wait to share with you all the new goodies I've come across!! Let me get started =))

LHA SkinCeuticals

I was on the hunt for a good cleanser that didn't cost a ton & got the job done. The cool thing that drew me to this face wash was that it combines glycolic acid, and salicylic acid to decongest pores, smooth irregularities, and brighten skin. I purchased it from Earthsaver's locally which is a day spa, but you can buy it online as well. I have super oily,acne (in some areas) with lg. pores. My skin needed help ASAP! I have used ALOT of washes before but never really saw results like this before, no kidding! For 36$ my face appears brighter overall. If you have sensitive skin this might not be the one for you OR you can use it like 3 days a week. It doesn't foam up alot like most washes do, but that's ok because that means that it doesn't have alot of soapiness in it like glycerin- which are just fillers. You can instantly feel the coolness & (don't take this the wrong way) sting of the acids working! LOVE! I'm not gonna bore you with how it works on your skin on a cellular level-you can read that on your own, but it's really sophisticated and cleaver!

OPI Teenage Dream is a super sought out collection that Katie Perry is behind. I bought the Crackle polish ( I'll review later) and this one. They were the 2 best ones in the collection. I love glitter just like the next girl, but this nail polish takes it to a whole other level! It's a grow-up way to wear glitter polish without looking like a preteen! It has a pink base with multi-color glitter flecks & 3-D glitter throughout that glisten in the sun. Sometimes when a nail polish has this much glitter in it it gets goopey and doesn't spread, but this one goes on evenly and not too thick. It about 8$ a bottle.  I actually bought mine from Regis in the mall, random. I'm thinking I might layer this over a magenta pink Deborah Lippmann I have!

I exfoliate pretty much everytime I shower and I'm always looking for a easier way to do it-I was in Macy's and saw that Lush had body buffers. The one that I got is the most popular one, Buffy Body Butter. It smells like coco butter. This is the issue though-it's super greasy =((  I'm so sad because I was really expecting good things from this. It's made with shea butter, & ground up almonds and rice. It made my shower super slippery & didn't do much exfoliating-just made a mess. I even bought the 2 dollar canister to store it in so that it doesn't get ucky.I'll link the site in case you wanna check it out.                                                                         
Lastly, since I'm on this coco butter kick I've been totally addicted to Palmer's Coco Butter in the roll up stick! I've always used the stuff in the tub, but the swivel stick is soo handy. I swipe it under my eyes and use it to thin out and moisturize my concealer  && it can be used as a lip conditioner!. LOVE this stuff! Everyone should have one-I think they are only 2 bucks max at your local drugstore. Run ladies and get one!! LOL

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