Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sara Happ Lip Scrub

I read about The Lip Scrub from Sara Happ in Allure mag., a few days ago and immediately started to look it up. Sara is an awesome female beauty entrepreneur. She saw that there was a need for a lip exfoliator in the beauty industry, so she made one in her kitchen and it's been a hit ever since! The one I got was brown sugar, it's her most popular one, but she has other ones too like almond creme, vanilla, cocoa and a limited edition red velvet which I heard was to die for! They come in a really cute box and it's size is 1oz. for $24 bucks. You only need a tinsy bit because as you use it in a circular motion on the lip for 60 sec. it sorda melts and makes more scrub. You can either tissue it off or rinse. Some people lick it off because it's all natural and made of sugar and jojoba oil. You really don't even need lip balm after because your lips are pretty moisturized. I love this stuff! She recenty came out with a Lip Slip balm that I want to try, but I don't like diping my fingers into jars for product when I'm on the go so I'm gonna have to talk my friend into getting it who's obsessed with lip stuff to try it out =)  I bought my lip scrub from it it came in 3days!
see all you need is a very small amt.
I like that it has a see thru top too

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