Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey guys! New awesome finds

This the Beauty Blender Sponge-I've seen it for awhile but never bought one because I don't or didn't wear liquid makeup at the time, but I'm in love with Revlon's Colorstay liquid foundation (I'll review that later-it's AMazing!) So I needed something other than my foundation brush to blend with. I absolutely love the hot pink color and it has gotten such fab reviews I ordered it. It came today & it's even cutier in person! I love that it even has a little pedestal to store it on when your not using it. I'll use it for awhile & give a full review later-I just had to share!

So, like I've said before I am obsessed with whitening my teeth! I started using this about a week ago and I'm in love-I've never seen a PRE-BRUSH mouth wash before?? I got this from CVS (hence the title) and it really does seem to work. When you first use it it does kinda sting but it's not unbearable. It has 8% peroxide in it which does the the whitening part, you can even feel it bubble in your mouth-weird but I know it's working! lol When I'm done swishing it around I spit and brush! Ta-Da whiter teeth!

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