Saturday, January 8, 2011

The best freakin' polish ever! Ha

NARS is usually known for their makeup line like their famous lip gloss- Turkish Delight (Kim Kardashian's personal fav) and The Multiple stick in Copacabana, which I'll do a separate review on both of those at a later date. They also make nail polishes which are sooo fun and funky! I don't know about y'all but I'm over OPI, not to say that their polishes aren't great but I'm getting bored with them. About a year ago I became obsessed with nail polishes. Think that's probably when I started reading beauty blogs and came across a nail polish blogging community in search of the coveted color 'ZULU'. They sold them on eBay for around 40-50 bucks so I knew I'd never possess a zulu.
Well a few weeks ago NARS re-introduced their Cult Favorites & Zulu was amongst them!!! YAY!
I ordered it and got the shipping free!
Zulu is a greenish/black but to really appreciate it you have to see it on. It has a beautiful jelly shiny finish. I do have to use three coats when applying it, because it can get a little streaky. I read that the original formula didn't have that issue but I didn't mind it because the color is gorg!. It stays on for forever! You really have to have a steady hand to polish this yourself because it can get tricky trying not to get it to streak too much, just load up the tip and go. Its def. a 3-4 coat polish! Make sure you dry really well between each coat.

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