Sunday, January 9, 2011

I REALLY wanted to love this =(

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I found this super cute website on Etsy called Pink Dotted Owl. They sell bath stuff and the packaging is adorable. I was looking for a new sugar scrub and decided to order there's because it comes in little cubes that supposedly dissolve in the shower on the skin when you scrub. This sounded so convenient. I'm usually in the shower fumbling with a big ass tub of scrub trying not to get water in the oil base it's in! LOL I ordered the Owlicious Pink Sugar Cube Body Scrub with Shea Butter 8oz - for 5$. What a friggin' deal! I couldn't wait to get it. It came super fast and they included a sample bar of their soap (haven't tried it yet) and the jar is so cute in my bathroom too.
I used the cube and IT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It didn't even dissolve! I was disappointed. I wanted them to work so bad. How hard can it be to make a sugar scrub damn?! LOL

See how it stays all clumpy together =(

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