Saturday, January 22, 2011

I love EYEKO!

In a previous post I blogged about this cosmetic company from London Called Eyeko and how they are really popular in the beauty blog world. They are super affordable and have really sweet packaging! I ordered 2 nail polishes 5$ each and a 3 in 1 cream for 14$. Each nail polish has a different cute label on them with different sayings. The Lilac Polish says it's for "Lovely Nails". I used 3 coats for this color because I wanted it darker. I adore it-it's something different than the darks that I've been doing. I wash dishes everyday and and wash my hands alot and still 5 days later NO CHIPS! AMAZING! Not even on tips!
OK, lets talk about this creme now....So when I went to the site originally to buy the polish I saw that they had all this makeup and that the 3 in 1 creme (for highlighting,moisturizing, & eyes) was there #1 product I had to try it! It has Jojoba and Vitamin E in it along with flecks of pinky pearl swirl ripples running through it. I was a little concerned with the 'highlighting' aspect of it because I don't want to look like a disco ball and I've used MAC's Strobe creme & lotion before which are similar products and they can look to shimmery in the day time on darker toned skin. When I got it in I wasn't in love with it at first BUT then it grew on me. I have oily skin and this doesn't make me oilier at all! It gives such a subtle glow to your skin, and it has the perfect amount of sparkle to it. I have been using it everyday and notice when I don't have it on. A friend of mine asked me if I had makeup on at the gym but all I had on was this creme! It makes my skin very glowy and more awake! I'm def. hooked! Also, it's a plus that the packaging it super cute too!!

pretty pearly creme

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