Friday, January 14, 2011

Tokyo Milk HEAVEN!!!

I stumbled across this brand through a beauty blog and clicked on it because the name sounded interesting. It's super hard to test perfumes that you have never tried before because obviously you can't smell them through the computer-DUH! So I eventually would have ordered it at another time-BUT the very next day I went to Massage Envy on Tchoupitoulas (in New Orleans) to have a massage and Tokyo Milk was THERE IN THE STORE!! I couldn't believe it, it was like they were calling me!  The best selling product in the entire line are the perfume solids in honeycomb. I tired it and it was nice but nothing wowed me. Then I picked up the handcreme in French Kiss and I swear I'd died and gone to heaven! I wanted to roll around in it !! It smells like I walked in a garden full of Gardenia's. The main ingredient is Shea Butter and Green Tea. They are really thick and not runny but the best thing about them is that when I put it on my hands it's like I'm wearing perfume-the fragrance really lasts along time.
The package on the product is so sweet, frenchy and feminine. The line is designed by this chick named Margot Elena. She does really creative packaging so when i pull it out my purse it's super cute!
I can't wait to try more from them!

Not too thin or runny

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