Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boscia Black Mask experiment! EKKK! ha

Mask still was wet looking 5 min after application- Picture taken by of my fiance totally grossed out!lol

I was at Sephora with a friend when I saw this mask on a shelf. It looked so weird (a good weird) that I had to try it! First of all let me say that I have oily skin (excessively oily at times,lol) blackheads and large pores-hey I'm Greek & Mexican I can't help the skin I've been given =/ I've tried other masks before but, never really had much luck, they usually make my skin feel really dry after. Boscia claims that their mask is deep-pore cleansing, exfoliates, draws out impurities, bacteria, excess oil and deliver antioxidant protection to prevent future free-radical damage. The Key ingredients are Calcium Montmorillionite Clay, Maritime Pink Bar Extract, Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Eucalyptus Extract. So the key with this mask application is that your face needs to be dry when putting it on because it needs to harden. It's super thick going on, feels and looks like paint almost. It wasn't runny, thank goodness because it would have been really messy otherwise. It says to leave it on for 10 min. then peel it off-BUT at 10 min it was still super wet. The mask really didn't dry/harden until almost 30 min! It wasn't uncomfortable when it was drying, until the very end then I had to take it off and it still had a glossy finish. My fiance' was making me laugh and it hurt! LOL I started to peel it off but it came out in pieces not a whole piece like it said. I wasn't overly impressed with it when it was coming off. It really is like a big ass Biore pore peel but, for your entire face only I didn't see the nasty blackheads peel up like I see when I do those pore strips. =( gross but true!  Some blogger's say they wet it off with water but If you ask me that defeats the whole purpose of the mask. My face is softer after using it but,  wouldn't buy again. I did get to scare my kids though!! HA

back of mask

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  1. I love trying new masks, you really can't help but scare people when you are wearing one. Love you and the blog chick!